.NET Framework - The given key was not present in the dictionary

Asked By Joel Ryan on 15-May-08 01:06 PM
hello, I am currently trying to set up a database using microsoft sync
framework, I can get the data synchronization dialog box up and running as
well, I am able to set up the databases with out error, but when i click ok
to complete it, a dialog box comes up saying "the given key was not
presented in the dictionary" its got me completely stumped.

Thanks in advance

Ma replied on 18-Jun-08 06:50 AM
"Joel Ryan" wrote:
Ma replied on 18-Jun-08 06:51 AM
yep, the same like me... isnt there any solution???
"Joel Ryan" wrote:
Colin Nelle replied on 20-Jun-08 12:46 PM
I am getting the same error.  I have opened a connect case here if you wish to
vote/validate it: