.NET Framework - adding projects to new solution

Asked By John A Grandy on 13-Sep-07 07:06 PM
I am having problems creating a new solution and adding pre-existing
projects to the solution.

I have a tree structure such as :


I create a new solution1 under \root , I right-click on solution1, and
choose to add project1.csproj ....

project1 is successfully added but Solution Explorer shows only project1 ,
not solution1.  There is no way to add project2 under solution1.

natha replied on 13-Sep-07 08:38 PM
No way? The way I've always done things like that is just repeat
the process -- right click on solution1, and choose "Add -> Existing
Project..." to add project2.

Nathan Mates
John A Grandy replied on 17-Sep-07 08:01 PM
What I am saying is that solution1 is no longer available to be
right-clicked on ...
Stevanich replied on 21-Sep-07 12:36 PM

Go to the Tools menu and choose 'Options...'.  Select the 'Projects and
Solutions' node in the TreeView on the left, and check the checkbox for
'Always show solution' on the right.

Hope this helps,

Steve - dotneticated.com