.NET Framework - Draw an arrow on a line

Asked By JR on 19-Apr-10 05:12 AM

I want to draw an arrow (like a triangle or something like that) on an
existing line to show a direction. The lines are in different

an example of the picture can be found


The coordinates are calculated on an circle.


Cor Ligthert[MVP] replied to JR on 19-Apr-10 06:00 AM
Hi Jan,

Does that have to be on a webpage.

maybe this link to our website will help you then a little bit.


For the drawings I cannot help you, I am not good in lijntrekken

JR replied to Cor Ligthert[MVP] on 19-Apr-10 07:00 AM
On 19 apr, 12:00, "Cor Ligthert[MVP]" <Notmyfirstn...@planet.nl>

Lijntrekken dat is een goeie.

No. it is also on screen and paper
it is already like a clock for locating the names