.NET Framework - ServiceController??

Asked By CoryJLaidlawBeyond01co on 28-Nov-08 12:47 PM

I am trying to write an application that will control some services I am

However, in VS 2008 (VB) I don't appear to have the system.serviceprocess

Am i nuts? Thanks for any help!

Patrice replied on 28-Nov-08 01:01 PM
And what have you done sor far ? Have you tried to add a reference to
System.ServiceProcess ?


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Herfried K. Wagner [MVP] replied on 28-Nov-08 01:22 PM
Make sure your project contains a reference to "System.ServiceProcess.dll".

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kimiraikkonen replied on 30-Nov-08 01:46 PM
On Nov 28, 7:47=A0pm, Cory J. Laidlaw, Beyond01.com

Additionaly, look at your toolbox, ServiceController component should
be available there. Drop it onto your form if it's a Winform project.
Then associate a service for that component to use, and you're ready
to use it, eg: with Start method.


Hope this helps,

Onur G=FCzel
CoryJLaidlawBeyond01co replied on 28-Nov-08 03:58 PM
Ah, it is PURE Magic!

Thanks very much to all who responded!