.NET Framework - Mdi Forms with Controls and Child Forms

Asked By savvasch on 20-Nov-07 07:53 AM

I have an MDI Parent Form and when I add a control on it , lets say a
then when I open an MDI Child Form from the Parent Form, the Button is
Visible on that Form Child Form,Is actually in Front of it.
How can I prevent that , How can i send the Button back to the
Backround lets say and see only the Child Form?

Thanks in Advance


Armin Zingler replied on 20-Nov-07 07:01 AM
It's by design to show only MDI child forms in the MDI parent's client area.
Dock the button (set dock property) to any side to reduce the size available
for the child windows.

savvasch replied on 23-Nov-07 06:27 AM
Ok Thanks ,