.NET Framework - Export a Graphic to Excel Spreadsheets

Asked By cmdolcet69 on 24-Oct-07 04:19 PM
What would be the easiest way to export a graphic (I have yet to
determine what type of graphic, .jpg, bitmap....) however im open to
suggestion, also how can i export my graphic so that it appear in the
Excell spreadsheet?

eBob.com replied on 25-Oct-07 10:33 AM
Since you are posting here I assume that you are creating this Excel
spreadsheet in a VB.Net program.  If that's the case I have done this
recently and can find the code and post it here if you'd like.  BUT ... what
I found after doing all the work (research mostly) to add my .jpg files to a
spreadsheet is that the pictures did not sort with the rest of the row.
This still astounds me, but I did some Google newsgroup searches and found
that this is a known problem/behavior.  I should add that my application is
not using the latest Excel, so maybe this problem/behavior has been
fixed/improved.  Depending on the intended use of the spreadsheet you are
producing maybe you could use a link to the jpg/graphic instead.  That's not
as nice as a click is required to see the graphic but does not have the sort
problem.  Just let me know if you'd like me to post the code I mentioned.
And if you find that the problem with sorting graphics does not exist in the
latest Excel please let me know via the newsgroup.

cmdolcet69 replied on 30-Nov-07 04:58 AM
Bob, sorry for the late replay. I would really Appreciate if you could
post the code. That way i can see if this will work for me.
Thanks again!
eBob.com replied on 30-Nov-07 08:52 PM
Look for the message I posted to this newsgroup on 9/6/2007.  (I had
forgotten that I had posted it.)

Good Luck,  Bob