.NET Framework - how to make a simple ICMP PING program?

Asked By Jason on 11-Oct-07 07:40 PM
I would like to make a simple PING program that has the following

txtAddress - a text-box that you enter an IP address into
txtinterval - a text box that allows you to enter in an interval as to
when to ping that address.  So say I want the values to be between 30
and 420 seconds.  So if I enter 30 in the box it will ping every 30

also a button btnDoIt - when this is pressed it will send 3 or 4 PINGS
out to the address in txtAddress at an interval of every....however
many seconds are entered into txtInterval

Is this something that would be relatively easy to do?  Can someone
show me how to do this?  I have no idea where to start

thanks for any help

Tom Shelton replied on 12-Oct-07 12:09 AM
Check out the System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping class...

Tom Shelton
FamilyTreeMik replied on 13-Oct-07 08:42 AM
In addition to Tom's answer, do not assume that every firewall will cooperate
with this function.  It is a protocol that is almost always disabled.