.NET Framework - where VbNullString in VB.Net?

Asked By Tark Siala on 05-Mar-07 06:49 AM
lasr years i use vb6 to make my Application Database with ADO, this days i
use VB.NET to working with Database.
to know if Field contain null i use:

if recordset.field("data").value = vbnullstring then .....

but when i use VB.Net and working with Database this command not working,
any one know how do it in VB.NET?
Tarek M. Siala
Software Developer

rowe_newsgroups replied on 05-Mar-07 08:11 AM
How about using DbNull instead?


Seth Rowe
pvdg42 replied on 05-Mar-07 08:12 AM
Try here:

Herfried K. Wagner [MVP] replied on 05-Mar-07 10:26 AM
If ... Is DBNull.Value Then
End If

'IsDBNull' provides a wrapper around this comparison.

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Tark Siala replied on 07-Mar-07 05:22 AM
its working now.
Tarek M. Siala
Software Developer
Michael C replied on 26-Mar-07 02:19 AM
All the difference styles of nothing-ness (vbnullstring, nothing, emtpy,
missing and null) and gone except for nothing and DBNull.Value. DBNull.Value
is something (as opposed to nothing).