.NET Framework - How to copy and merge registry settings to user's machine ?

Asked By fniles on 08-Jan-08 04:33 PM
I am using VS 2005. When building a "Setup and Deployment" project, how can
I copy and merge registry settings to the user's machine ?
The registry setting is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/VB and VBA Program
Thank you.

kimiraikkonen replied on 08-Jan-08 10:01 PM
I think one of the ways to export a specific registry block and then
import the value into another machine with the file.
(eg: something.reg)

Furthermore, registry values can be edited with a text editor like
notepad even it's very dangerous if you're not sure what you're doing.
So you can save a registry key with a text editor in a "correct"
registry format with exporting, then rename the text file to ".reg"
extension. Then execute the reg file with

There may some shorter and direct methods for integrating registries.

Hope this helps
Herfried K. Wagner [MVP] replied on 08-Jan-08 09:30 PM
Registry Settings Management in Deployment

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