.NET Framework - Is there something better than MediaPlayer? [Win C#]

Asked By MikeY on 26-Jun-07 10:38 PM
From my understanding when exporting your app.exe with a mediaplay hooked
up, you must also place a copy of AxInterop.WMPLib.dll and
Interop.WMPLib.dll" wrapper class. to the location of my app.exe.

Is there something better out there I should be using to avoid this and or a
better way of doing this so that I don't have to export the .dll's.

Any and all help is appreciated.


mnumzane replied on 28-Jun-07 03:24 AM
Wrong Group... place it in an appriapriate group to get the answer.
MikeY replied on 28-Jun-07 10:06 AM
Errrr This is a "general" .Net Forum. and being that I am coding in C# and
this is a general .Net question to my application, I do believe that it is
the acceptable forum. But thanks for your wonderful help and insight bro.

mnumzane replied on 29-Jun-07 10:28 AM
Sorry Mike, my bad...
Why do not you add you DLL's to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache)? Or I am
still misunderstanding your question bro?