.NET Framework - How to draw a 3D coordinate with x,y,z-axis?

Asked By Sowen Zhang on 24-Nov-08 10:40 PM

is it possible to draw the 3D coordinate to the screen? including x-axis,
y-axis, and z-axis

I am trying to build a program that after placing all 3D objects, the user
can easily see where they are located, then use a mouse to move them.

And another thing I am trying to do is, when moving the mouse, the current
cursor and the origin will have a line; I can use up/down button to simulate
z-axis movement, so the user can see where the cursor is.

I have no clue at this point, can anyone share a hint?

Best Regards!

Patrice replied on 25-Nov-08 07:34 AM
This is perhaps a bit broad for a newsgroup question.

Try googling for 3d to 2d projection (the idea is that the 3 coordinates are
transformed into a 2D screen coordinate).

For the select part try googling for ray picking (the idea is to create a
ray that goes into the scene and check for intersection against the 3D

Depending on what you are trying to do an API such as XNA could be helpfull