.NET Framework - DockStyle value

Asked By Bulat Baltin on 12-Jun-07 09:11 AM

I try to use Dock property in UserControl (if it matters) in the
following way

this.Dock = DockStyle.Left | DockStyle.Bottom | DockStyle.Right;

At runtime I gets :

System.ComponentModel.InvalidEnumArgumentException: The value of
argument 'value' (7) is invalid for Enum type 'DockStyle'.

How to fix it?

Bulat Baltin

Alex Meleta replied on 13-Jun-07 01:38 AM

because method this.Dock contains something like this:

if (!((value >= 0) && (value <= 5)))
throw new InvalidEnumArgumentException("value", (int) value,

but DockStyle { None =0, Top, Bottom, Left = 3, Right = 4, Fill = 5 } with
combination DockStyle.Left | DockStyle.Right give you 7.

Bulat Baltin replied on 12-Jun-07 11:21 AM
Hello Alex,
Thanks. I just discovered that in my case

this.Dock = DockStyle.Bottom;

is enough and actually does what I wanted - docking to left and right
borders as well. The misleading fact for me was that in other place
for docking to left border I used

this.Dock = DockStyle.Top | DockStyle.Bottom | DockStyle.Left;

and it worked well. Now I see that DockStyle.Left is enough.

Bulat Baltin.
G Himangi replied on 19-Jun-07 06:51 AM
You can only dock to one edge at a time...this means that the Dockstyle
values should not be or'ed

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