.NET Framework - AT91SAM7X-EK Evaluation Kit

Asked By tcmichal on 16-Oct-08 11:57 PM
I bought an the above eval kit about a year ago before .net microframe work
was available, how do you get the BSP etc to load on the board to do

Steve Maillet [MSFT] replied on 21-Oct-08 03:03 PM
Contact Atmel, as they should have images available. If, not you can get the
.NET Micro Framework porting kit after we launch next week and use that to
create an image for the board.

Steve Maillet
Program Manager - .NET Micro Framework
ar replied on 04-Nov-08 07:13 AM
I suspect you will need to replace the micro with a AT91SAM7X512 version. The
one I have here has a AT91SAM7X128.

I fired this question to Atmel...
AT91SAM7X-EX with a AT91SAM7X512 part fitted. There is an entry saying it has
been intergrated into the porting kit.
Do you have an existing port ?
I am unable to find any downloads or further information relating to this on
the AT91.com or amel sites.
Please can you fill me in on where to go from now. "

to which I got this response...

The .NET Micro Framework 2.5 (or above) supports the SAM9261 and SAM7X512.
The SDK is available for free on the Microsoft website, but for the porting
kit you have to pay a license as you may know. I do not have any price idea
for the Porting Kit so you need to contact Microsoft directly.
You can download the SDK in the below link:


I looked on the MS store, and there is no mention of a porting kit..
Fired off an email to netmfbiz@... and waiting to hear.
Really I just want to get a simple web service working. How far did you get?
ar replied on 04-Nov-08 10:06 AM
This is the response I got from the netmfbiz@...

Thanks for your interest in .NET Micro Framework.   Unfortunately as you saw
the Store is not yet operational in the US but will be on Thursday Nov 6 .
Our V3.0 Porting Kit will be available then for $599.95.  The UK store should
have the Kit available around mid December.  It will not be available in the
German or Korean stores until next year.
tcmichal replied on 04-Nov-08 11:00 AM
What is the $599.95?  A new board? or does the porting kit cost that much?
I hope it does not cost that much.... I am a hobbiest.... without that much
cash... ;)
ar replied on 04-Nov-08 11:25 AM
Just the porting kit...
Im hoping theres an trial version so I can get a proof of concept working,
hence the wait..
When I say to the hardware engineers, 'Our device can be controlled using
web services'.. I get blank looks!
Steve Maillet [MSFT] replied on 04-Nov-08 11:35 AM
The Porting kit includes a sample BSP for the AT91 dev kit.

Steve Maillet
Program Manager - .NET Micro Framework
Chris Tacke, eMVP replied on 04-Nov-08 11:45 AM
Out of curiosity why, as a hobbiest, do you feel you need the porting kit?
Are none of the available off-the-shelf MF boards viable for your project?


Chris Tacke, Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Giving back to the embedded community
Chris Tacke, eMVP replied on 04-Nov-08 11:46 AM
I'd do the POC with an eval system if at all possible.  It's going to get
you to "working" much, much faster than having to debug hardware, write the
OAL and the application.Once you've shown the app works, you can then spin
your own hardware and port it.


Chris Tacke, Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Giving back to the embedded community
tcmichal replied on 04-Nov-08 01:14 PM
One of the issues is also job training.  Most of my background has been
doing board packages for RTOS, ecos, FreeRTOS, etc.    But all of those are

My goal is to use the microframework as a "scripting tool and product
extensions" and keep a real RTOS hence the requirement for a porting kit...

Also, I have several embedded boards, MIPS, ARM, and PowerPC..

I have worked with the embedded TCP stack that is in the microframework on
an RTOS...
tcmichal replied on 04-Nov-08 01:16 PM
So, $600, for the porting kit...  As I posted earlier... my goal is still to
use an RTOS and use the microframework as a tool to extend customization for
customers and other "hobbiest"

So, is the microframe work a part of MSDN?
Steve Maillet [MSFT] replied on 04-Nov-08 04:18 PM
Not at this time, no. We are looking into that though. No idea if/when on
that as I'm not the one doing the looking. ;-)

Steve Maillet
Program Manager - .NET Micro Framework
Kartik Natarajan replied to Steve Maillet [MSFT] on 23-Jun-10 02:00 PM

I am trying to port the .NET MF to SAM3S board. There is not existing solution for this board though this board uses a Cortex M3 processor. I wanted some advice on how to begin porting with existing sample solutions and what steps it would comprise of. Many thanks