.NET Framework - SPOCLIENT not set?

Asked By Tim G. on 18-Mar-10 06:47 AM

I am trying to open one of the several managed projects within the porting
kit. For instance the DPWS-Stack:

I am using Visual Studio 2008 but when trying to open the project I get the
following error message:

Unable to read the project file 'Dpws.csproj'.
The imported project
Confirm ....

Now taking a closer look at the second path and the Dpws.csproj at (12,11)
it seems like the $(SPOCLIENT)-makro does not work or the SPOCLIENT-Variable
is not set. Therefore the path is "C:\tools\...." instead of

I have already tried to run "setenv_vs9.cmd" which should set SPOCLIENT (via
I have also tried to manually set the envirionment variable directly in the
windows registry (adding it to the env-vars of the current user) - again
without success.

Of course I can just create a new project and add all the source-files,
however this is somewhat inconvenient.

Has anyone encountered the same problems?
And more interesting: any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.



p.s.: Btw. I am using Windows 7, but a coworker has encoutered the same
problem on WinXP.

Lorenzo Tessiore replied to Tim G. on 22-Mar-10 11:41 AM
Hello Tim,

after calling setenv_vs9.cmd, you should start VS from within the command
shell where you called setenv_vs9.cmd.  Use 'devenv <xxx.csproj'

Tim G. replied to Lorenzo Tessiore on 23-Mar-10 07:36 AM

... works perfect. Thanks a lot!

Kudos for the great support around here in the NG - I appreciate it.

Regards, Tim