.NET Framework - .NET Framework 3.5 + SP1 install without internet

Asked By pieterNOSPAMcouck on 20-Oct-08 11:11 AM
(my apologizes for this re-post, but I had to do this in order to beneift
from my MSDN guaranteed answer by Microsoft)


We have to install the .NET 3.5 Framework (with SP1) on our users computers,
but they can't be installed because the installer wants to download items
from the internet (52 MB).

We downloaded the full package, but it doesn't seem to be full. The clients
have already 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 en 3.0 installed + their service packs, but still
he wants to download.

How do we have to install this without having an internet connection?

I can provide a logfile of the install if needed.

Thanks a lot in advance,


We downloaded the full package here:
exe-file has 231 Mb, and is towards the end of the page:

Apparently we're not the only people facing this problem:

Gregory A. Beamer \(Cowboy\) - MVP replied on 20-Oct-08 05:55 PM
Since you have MSDN, I believe you can download the full SP1 ISO and use
that to create your network share or CD to install.

I posted this earlier (did not know if you had MSDN). The instructions for
setting up on an Intranet network share are found in the Visual Studio 2008
SP1 read me. There may be a readme attached to .NET 3.5 SP1 (subset of the
VS 2008 SP1 package) which has the admin deployment instructions, as well.

Gregory A. Beamer

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Pieter replied on 21-Oct-08 05:36 AM

I tried this
point 2.1.19 but it doesn't work. I tried it in 3 ways:
- d:\dotnetfx35.exe /createlayout D:\dotNetFX35 /q
- d:\dotnetfx35.exe /createlayout D:\dotNetFX35 /passive
- d:\dotnetfx35.exe /createlayout D:\dotNetFX35
Each time he tries to install the framework, and he never writes anything
into the 'D:\dotNetFX35'-directory...

As for the iso on MSDN: I can't find any iso overthere of the framework? The
only thing is the bootstrapper and the so-called full package of 237 MB
which isn't full (so actually it's the same as
Are you sure there exists such an iso?

So there's still no solution to this problem.

What I need is:
- a REALLY full package of the 3.5 .NET Framework (with SP1) which doesn't
want to donwload anything
- the stuff (54 MB) he downloads and than installs so I can install it
already before and hope he won't download it again...


Pieter replied on 21-Oct-08 05:56 AM
I tried the same with the bootstrapper, but same result. It seems that the
/createlayout is only working on the VS 2008 SP1 package, not on the .NET
3.5 SP1 package.

Any other idea?

Can't Microsoft just simply provide the correct file(s)? Or is there any
marketign reason why Microsoft want to force every .NET 3.5 user to have an
internet connection? This would really put us in a lot of trouble, we can't
stay forever on .NET 2.0!
Pieter replied on 23-Oct-08 05:27 AM
I found a 'solution': Quite stupid: If you do not have an internet connctio,
he will still install the framework..
Apparently the downloading is for some securtiy fixes...
Gregory A. Beamer \(Cowboy\) - MVP replied on 23-Oct-08 03:53 PM
I am going to have to find where I got the one I burned to disk, but it is
not a critical piece, as it looks like you found the answer.

Gregory A. Beamer

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Pieter replied on 24-Oct-08 08:14 AM
Well, in case you find it, is always welcome, but indeed things seem to work
without it too.

thanks anyways,

roberto replied on 21-Jul-09 09:02 PM
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Ryan Roberts replied to pieterNOSPAMcouck on 07-Jan-10 08:42 PM

I recently encountered a similar issue a customer of mine was having and found a direct download for "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Full Package" here -- >


Hope this helps,

Wilson, Phil replied to Ryan Roberts on 08-Jan-10 01:18 PM
I am curious - I keep seeing replies to messages that are frequently well
over a year old, like this one. Is there a web interface somewhere that
does not show the date? I am not sure why anyone thinks that a reply to a 15
month old question would be relevant.
Phil Wilson
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sami abdalla replied to Pieter on 10-Apr-10 06:12 AM
i can not mk an instulation for net fram NET Framework 3.5 + SP1 install advice
Robert Larsen replied to Wilson, Phil on 19-Sep-11 10:58 AM
It's because we google.   :)