.NET Framework - ITCScan.DLL Issues On Intermec 700C PPC 2003

Asked By gaulles via DotNetMonster.com on 17-Dec-07 03:47 AM
have spent the last two weeks in frustration going back and forth with
Intermec on-line support and yet no solution. Has someone out there found the
solutions to any of the following:

(1)  AN exception is being thrown when I create BarcodeReader. Error message
is: 'Can't find an Entry point ITSCAN_WinAsyncRead in a PInvoke DLL ITCSCAN.
DLL' . This is happening even on the sample 'BarcodeSample CS' that came with
the IDL.

I am using Intermec 700C with PocketPC 2003. VS2005, CF 2.0. ITSCAN.DLL is
installed in the \Windows directory.

I have checked to the developer guide, and several readme docs, and cannot
find any reference to ITSCAN_WinAsyncRead.

(2) After upgrading the OS at the suggestion of Intermec On-line support, I
now get the error 'Cannot find ITCScan.dll'. The ITCScan.dll is present in
the \Windows directory. Even the BarcodeSample application gives the same
error. Is there a path that needs to be set? How do you resolve this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Christian Resma Helle replied on 17-Dec-07 04:40 AM
Have you verified that you have the right version of the SDK and the
libraries on the device?

You can do a dumpbin on ITCSCAN.DLL on the device to list all exported
methods. Copy the DLL from the device to C:\ then run the Visual Studio
command prompt, and run 'dumpbin /exports C:\itcscan.dll'

I remember before that I installed something called an Intermec Add-on pack
(or something similar) because the default OS did not come with any barcode
scanner libraries.

Christian Resma Helle
gaulles via DotNetMonster.com replied on 17-Dec-07 06:59 AM
Thanks for the suggestion. I ran dumpbin, and sure enough the
ITCSCAN_WinAsyncRead, which was the entry point the BarcodeReader complained
as missing, is listed among the exported functions.

The more immediate problem now is why is the ITCScan.dll not found when you
run the application. The ITCScan.dll is in the \Windows folder.


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dou replied on 02-Jan-08 03:12 PM
You also should try putting the DLL in the system32 folder and the
application folder.