.NET Framework - persisting a cold boot

Asked By samee on 21-Feb-07 10:34 AM
Environment :

.Net Compact Framework :1.1
Visual studio 2003
Visual basic
Windows CE
users No third party controls
Symbol machine
Emulator that i use for development : windows ce 4

Hi All,
My application was developed in the above environment using windows Ce 4. To
persist a cold boot on the barcode scanners, i would move the following cab
files over to the barcode scanners's application folder and when i cold boot
it, the barcode scanners would automatically re-install all the following cab
files ever time it is cold booted.
.net framework 1.1
cab file for my application build using the Build cab option of visual
studio 2003

Now this all works perfect on windows ce 4

I had to deploy this on windows ce 5 and when i move these installs over to
barcode scanners 's applicatoin folder it does not install it when it is cold
booted and when i manually try to install it it gives me the message "not
compatible with 5" but then it lets me install it and i install them
successfully. My question is, is the process of persisting a cold boot the
same for windows ce 5.0 as well i.e just place the cab files in the
application folder.

thanks in advance.


Peter Foot [MVP] replied on 21-Feb-07 11:21 AM
I assume it's not installing correctly because of the version warning. You
can change the versions a .cab file is compatible with from the VersionMax
and BuildMax settings in the .inf file used to build the cab. Once you've
edited this file manually run the BuildCab.bat file in the same folder to
regenerate the cab file (don't use the option from Visual Studio as it will
overwrite your customisations). Visual Studio 2005 has much better support
for building device cab files and you can do this through the IDE.


Peter Foot
Device Application Development MVP
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samee replied on 21-Feb-07 02:13 PM
two question for you
1. where is the inf file located ?
2. where is the buildcab.bat file located.

also are win ce 4 installs good for win ce 5?

waiting for an answer
Both are in your target's CAB folder (same level as Debug and Release IIRC).

Chris Tacke - Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Managed Code in the Embedded World
samee replied on 21-Feb-07 02:27 PM
Chris, is there any docmentation any where that i can find on these inf file,
for some reason i just cannot find it.

Google will find a few places where it's documented.  Search for "inf cab
windows ce example" or similar.

Chris Tacke - Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Managed Code in the Embedded World
srharton replied on 22-Feb-07 01:27 PM