.NET Framework - inserting Flash to website

Asked By Papa on 30-Mar-07 06:22 PM
In Frontpage there was an automatic process to enter a flash movie.  It
appears that this feature has been removed in Expression.  Dreamweaver is set
up to insert flash files automatically.  Is there a plan to improve this with
an upgrade?

I do know how to insert it manually, but it's a bit of a pain.  I'm looking
for as little hassle as possible.

CoreyBryan replied on 31-Mar-07 10:12 AM
Well it is probably there in Dreamweaver since DW is owned by the same
company that owns the Flash program.

It was there in frontpage to help users who did not understand any code
build a website.   Expression Web relies more on (compliant) code than
Frontpage.  It's very easy to integrate Flash to your website by using code
suggested by Adobe:

Corey R. Bryant
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Papa replied on 31-Mar-07 04:20 PM
So, I guess I'm hearing that Microsoft Expression will not be providing an
update that makes it easier to insert flash.  I am doing it the way you have
suggested but it seems as though Expression is not to pleased with it.  I get
errors.  It would have been helpful if Expression would have provided that
CoreyBryan replied on 01-Apr-07 11:24 AM
What kind of errors?  Expression web relies more on compliant code.
Frontpage gave people an easy way to create a website even though the site
might be be seen in all browsers across platforms.

If it is the embed error : http://www.alistapart.com/articles/byebyeembed/

Corey R. Bryant
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