.NET Framework - Text rendering and Cleartype

Asked By PaulDiCristin on 26-Jun-07 08:50 AM
Can someone in the know please explain what the story is with WPF and text
rendering? It appears that text is being rendered with noticeably lower
quality than in the rest of the OS. There is no subpixel rendering occuring -
instead there is simple monochromatic antialiasing and the result is not
anywhere near as good as regular cleartype. I'm running XP SP2

PaulDiCristin replied on 26-Jun-07 09:46 AM
here is an example:
MS Word on top, WPF on bottom:

AlanGasperiniM replied on 02-Jul-07 02:40 PM
Hi Paul,
WPF does support ClearType, but there are some changes from the version
used by GDI+.  In your screen shots, it looks like the clear type is not
being supported at all.  The WPF text team has some tips for improving clear
type performance with wpf:

A couple of points that may be relevant:
level, WPF will automatically render using grayscale anti-aliasing. Due to
our pixel independent architecture we cannot render aliased text even if
‘font smoothing’ is turned off completely."
PaulDiCristin replied on 02-Jul-07 02:52 PM
Clear type is turned on. The problem arises because the window that the text
appears on has AllowsTransparency set to True. Evidently that is enough to
cause the WPF text rendering engine to revert to lower quality. Just another
thing that I hope is fixed in the next release.