.NET Framework - Can't install latest WAIK

Asked By Campbell Swinton on 21-May-08 06:01 PM
I've downloaded (many times) the latest WAIK (1.1) and when trying to
install I get an error - "the cabinet file "winpe.cab" is corrupt".

I've tried downloading it from within Desktop Deployment Console as well
with no luck.

Anyone else seen this issue.

Venka replied on 17-Jun-08 01:07 AM
Did you check your antivirus program blocking or deleting ?
U@discussions.microsoft.com replied on 17-Jun-08 02:39 PM
"Venkat" wrote:
U@discussions.microsoft.com replied on 17-Jun-08 02:40 PM
I am getting the same thing and dis-abling antivirus does not help.
U@discussions.microsoft.com replied on 17-Jun-08 02:41 PM
Figured it out. There was not enough disk space on the C: drive.
Chris Koch replied to U@discussions.microsoft.com on 14-Jan-10 11:26 AM
Just ran into same issue. Make sure to check that the version of Windows AIK you are downloading is appropriate for your Server or client OS. In particular, I downloaded the version for Windows Server 2008 and Vista. However, I was running Server 2008 R2 so this version did not work. The correct Windows AIK for Windows7/Windows2008 R2 can be found at: