.NET Framework - ActionsPaneControl

Asked By NullQwerty on 26-Jun-07 02:43 PM
Hey folks,

I'm building an Office Smart Tag.  I own VS 2005 Professional.  I'm
trying to use the ActionsPaneControl as seen in the example here:
I don't seem to have this control however.  My gut says that it must
be apart of VSTO.  Is it?  If so, since I'm a Professional Owner,
short of purchasing VSTO, is there anyway I can get the necessary

I have a feeling the control is in one of these two namespaces,
neither of which I seem to have access to:


Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP] replied on 26-Jun-07 07:20 PM
First, you need to download the Visual Studio Tools for Office, located


Now, I don't know if it will let you generate a smart tag, since that is
a document-level customization (as I understand it) and that level of
customization is not permitted when installing the tools over Visual Studio
2005 professional.

- Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP]
- mvp@spam.guard.caspershouse.com
NullQwerty replied on 27-Jun-07 10:06 AM
Great!  Thanks a lot!  It doesn't give me the ActionsPaneControl, but
I now have access to those namespaces and I have access to the
ActionsPane, so I might be able to get it working despite not having
the ActionsPaneControl as a built in template.

I'm still unsure why MS would lock out their developers like this.  I
had a choice...go with professional edition and program to mobile to
devices and have C++, or go with the VSTO edition, and lose those but
gain Office development.  That's just dumb.  Why should I or any
developer have to make that choice?  I went with professional because
I needed mobile device support, but now that I want to program against
Office and provide a rich user experience for their Office customers
(and in effect, make Office better for them), why should I have to
spend all this extra money to do it?  They're doing the same thing
with Vista and all the new editions, where if you want to have access
to everything that you always have had access to, you have to spend a
ridiculous amount of money to do it.  There should be two editions of
Vista...Home and Server, and Home has *everything* that Server has,
minus a server style license, and additional monitoring tools.

Their greed has gotten out of control in the last 2 years and it's
getting really annoying.  Even how apps created for Office 2K3 in VSTO
won't run on all versions of Office 2K3 (you need Pro edition)...give
me a break.

Ok...Sorry for the rant.

Thanks again for the help!