.NET Framework - Page.IsValid Not Working

Asked By dean_wilso on 12-Jul-07 07:23 PM
I am using a regular expression validator for a textbox where
numerics should only be entered.
The error message appears when non numerics are entered, as it
should.  After clicking the submit
button, I check the page.isvalid property, which is true, but should
be false, as the control is not valid.
Any ideas?   Possible issues:   It is any AJAX page?   It is a
Thanks for any help...........Dean

xazos79 replied on 13-Jul-07 01:07 AM
I believe you will have to run the Page.Validate() method before
checking the IsValid property.


bhar replied on 13-Jul-07 08:27 AM

Visit this page:


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dean_wilso replied on 14-Jul-07 09:41 AM
I added the Page.Validate() method and that worked.....Thanks, Sam..